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Our dryers are suitable for the treatment of all types of wood. The models we offer differ depending on the power supply and the type of process. They are designed and implemented by our staff to meet the requirements of each customer, both in Italy and worldwide. Our drying plants have capacities from 5 to over 1000m³ in the case of pre-drying plants.

Conventional drying

These drying chambers work on the principle of air exchange. They can be powered by a thermal fluid or heat source.

These drying plants work on the principle of internal recirculation and
air drying. This process is made possible by the refrigeration
circuit inside the machine, which reduces the required heat consumption by one
third, working in combination with the heat pump. They are mainly powered by
electricity, but also with calorifiers can significantly assist the process of

Condensation drying

High temperature installations

Drying and heat treatment systems with an operating temperature above 90°C. These dryers are suitable for faster drying processes, to stabilize the wood, change its structure and even out its color.

Special installations

We design our drying and heat treatment techniques for specific processes in the wood industry, but we also apply them to other industrial sectors.

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